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OBJECTIVE: Create a Corporate Identity
CLIENT: Crummack Huseby Property Management, Lake Forest, CA

CATEGORY: Brand Development, Corporate Identity, Marketing Programs, Social Media, Blogs & Content Management


We were tasked to create a new logo for a 15-year property management company. After our first meeting, we knew we needed to give the company and their office a complete makeover. Together, we developed a strategy, design, and voice to harness the vibrancy and passion that the owners exhibited in everything they did.



The creative team wrote a passionate mission statement to align with the company’s goals, and to remind everyone of their forward-thinking solutions to property management were the key to their success. We inspired Crummack Huseby to

showcase their strengths, brag about their accomplishments, and let builders and homeowners know there are real people behind this logo.


Ownership of their website: We built CH-PM.COM using the current Express Engine Platform, giving our clients access to their site and the ability to make changes in-house. Pictures tell the story: The properties, they help build and manage are incredible. The photographer highlighted the best amenities that we’ve used in all of our marketing materials, helping to show their properties are kept in A-list shape.


Approachable content and brand voice exploration: From highlighting Margo Crummack’s speaking engagements to using a casual yet professional “voice” for their brand and marketing, and using the power of social media, Crummack Huseby has grown their fanbase and client base. Engaging their talent: We did several anonymous surveys, had a couple of team lunches with the whole company, and listened to what mattered to their employees. From this, we created new office benefits, employee perks, and exponentially raised the camaraderie.


  • Voted Best Place to Work - Orange County Business Journal 3 years in a row

  • Implemented a company survey campaign/program which landed Crummack

  • Huseby has an $850K account.

  • Minimized employee turnover with Staff Training and “Brand Ambassador Buy-in.”

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